Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Stealth Trip to Maine

Why is it that I only seem to blog after eating with Micah?

I had a quick weekend trip to Maine to visit a friend who is ailing, but first stopped off to dine with Micah and another radio refuge, Steve, at Portland's Great Lost Bear.

They may have lost the Bear, but they've found the Beer, with 72 taps going.

What you see at right are the remains of a very good, creamy cheesecake. We started with loaded nachos. I had a cheesesteak, Steve a burger and Micah a haddock rollup. It's that kind of place.

What is really impressive is the Bear has been there longer than our server has been alive. I wrote the first radio commercials for them when they opened in 1979. The place has hardly changed. Decor pretty much the same. Menu has nearly all the items it had originally, with additions to address trends of the past three decades such as rollups and fajitas. The main addition is all of those taps.

Predictable but never boring. We went early on Friday and by the time we exited, around 7 pm there was a line out the door. The Great Lost Bear is my favorite restaurant success story. Kudos to Dave and Wesley for doing it right!