Saturday, December 25, 2004

Frito Pie

OK, my wife thinks this is disgusting, but she does not represent all of womankind in this opinion. I discovered Frito Pie at the Bandolier National Monument snack bar near Santa Fe. I have served it at parties with great success. Please note that I don't really like Fritos eaten straight, but their flavor mellows and the chips soften when prepared this way.

Frito Pierecipe

1 individual size bag FRITOS® brand Corn Chips
½ cup chili (I prefer chili con carne, but this works with vegetarian or chicken chili)
¼ cup grated American cheese (or mild cheddar)
1 tbsp. chopped onion

Snip open one side of the Fritos bag. Pour in hot chili. Top with cheese and onions. Take a plastic fork or spoon and mix well. Eat from the bag (a must!).


Eric Riback said...

My friend Roger writes:

"This one sounds almost exactly like the disgusting way you used to mangle and eat Oreos about 30 years ago (memorable enough that I've regaled my sons with the tales when they're eating Newman-Os)."

Roger, I still eat them that way.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the legend is that this recipe originated /or was made famous / at the food counter of the Woolworth's store off the Plaza in Santa Fe. the store is no longer there, but a couple of years ago I think someone had a little food place there still offering this. Tradition!!

Thanks, however, for the actual picture, as it makes a nice little bag from which to eat it. This is becoming a big seller for school fairs, etc.

Do you know my friend from the Charlottesville area, she lives at Willow Tree Farm?

Kellianne and Carissa said...

We are sure your wife is a wonderful lady but we'd like to represent the ladies of womankind who love frito pie!

Eating The Road said...

Frito Pie!!!