Saturday, July 08, 2006

Strange Fruit

Why is it that breakfast joints, even some otherwise good ones, insist on serving "Mixed Fruit" jelly? Guess it's cheaper, especially the no-name foodservice brands like Sysco.

Why do they think people want mixed fruit jelly? Do we buy it at the store? No!

A diner in northeastern Pennsylvania is attached to a grocery store. They don't sell Mixed Fruit Jelly in the store. So why do they think the same customer wants it when he dines out?

C'mon, restaurants, please serve real preserves, and spend the extra two cents to give us a decent name brand like Dickinson, Knotts Berry or Smuckers at least, OK?


Anonymous said...

Guess you don't recognize the name "KRAFT"! There are a lot of us who do love the mixed fruit jellies! And they CAN be bought in local grocercy stores. You might even look up Smuckers and Knott's Berry and you'll find they can be ordered online.

Anonymous said...

I also like mixed fruit jelly. Wish stores would sell it. It is one of my favorites.